"To see those eyes looking back at you,
as eyes should see you at last,
seeing you, as you always wanted to be seen,
seeing you, as you yourself
had always wanted to see the world."

- David Whyte


As I grow wiser and refine my life and work in more alignment with life force, the invitation is to commune with the World in its fullness. The world wants to be seen and witnessed. Following this invitation, I am offering my gift of seeing - whether it is through photography, visual storytelling, hosting Council, envisioning an event or one-on-one Presence Sessions - what is, what could be, what wants to happen.

I am here to live courageously, aroused by the longing of the heart.

What if I can deeply listen to the silence of things,
look in the eye of the yet unseen,
what if I hold the kind of faith sustained by the Source and Great Mystery,
who would I be? what could I create?



IGNITE YOUR VOICE - Spoken Meditations