You are a devotee and emanation of Beauty in this life, the beauty of the truth of what is, whether it is your photos, your poetry and writing, your vision that manifest in gatherings, the way you speak and think and feel and explore, the way you connect people with people with people. You somehow penetrate to the core of what truly is - and no matter how hard that looking might be sometimes, you also find beauty there.
— Debra Roberts
... about your gift with words and opening people’s hearts,
your ability to see beauty and wisdom and capture them with your lense, or questions,
your wild curiosity and catalytic ways, your eagerness to learn and explore the evolutionary edge,
the ease with which you draw people together around new possibilities,
your generosity of spirit, your ability to invite and receive feedback, to connect with others, to see and receive them.
Right now, I see you moving through the world as one of those multi-talented people with countless gifts.
— Tesa Silvestre
You weave soul connections at many levels at the same time. People connecting to their own soul, to each other’s souls, to the soul of the land and a future that is coming. You stretch life to allow the soul to be felt more.
— Kamyar Houbakth
It is how you see beauty in everything. And how strongly you stand in the grief and depth that comes with it.
It is the Love with which you weave webs of genuine, true relationships, hope, trust and inspiration between very diverse human beings, still belonging to the same tribe.
It is in the collective force and brave new world this web creates.

It is how you become a channel, a hollow bone, an oracle to let come through what needs to be seen, said and done, at this time.
It is how you create and live, how you witness and shine light on this brand new world our hearts know is possible.
It is how you give birth to strong movements, movements that deeply invite, include and move many.
It is how you strongly inspire and call me to stand in my gifts, to give what I got and ask for what I need.
It is how you embody and call the sacred feminine to rise and gather.
— Katrin Kohlbecher
Courage and determination that shows itself in your commitment to work,
your skillful prudence and attention to people and events.
An inspiration that change is possible, it takes one courageous individual and the circle widens.
The way you use your energy in creative ways.
— Yaren Köse
Pathfinder. To me, you’re a pathfinder, Filiz. I trust you.
When you are in your own movement, you help me see mine. And, again, I trust you.
Sister. Water. Pathfinder. Trust.
— Asmund Seip
how you hold wide space for yourself and others to step beyond polarities, the known, the recent
your questions, to life, the ones you offer to people around you.
you stepping deeper and deeper into loving yourself and what is the web spinning from you, the connections you weave your authenticity of walking this life’s path, with all that comes with it.
your eye for beauty, your photography, the creative, loving and mystic energy in your photo work,
how you show up with your whole experience,
your generous heart, loving so purely,
the level of self-realization and reflective practice you inspire with.
how you make art in all you do, creating from what calls your attention, into the manifested, how you prototype new ways forward
— Nina Nisar
Medicine woman,
Channeler of the future
Holding your heart and being open for the possibilities that not only exist,
but whisper to us, whispering all the time
with only few hearing them.
Thank you for hearing the whisper and call of Women Are Medicine.
Such a big gift you have birthed with her. Thank you for hearing the whisper and call of so many things, that surely I have no idea about.
And for your harvest and hosting forth of these impulses of the future impulses of light and love.
— Maaianne Knuth

"What if my greatest purpose was to embody deep mystical intimacy and union with life, to make my home in the heart of spirit, take life as my lover? What if my purpose required a lot more solitude than my globe-trotting, nomadic, social ways would lead many of you to believe? What if it involved doing a lot less for others, out there in the outer world, and allowing more people to support me to do something that is not considered as socially useful in our modern times, like deep contemplation and communion with life?"


If you would like to get to know me a little bit more, listen to these interviews:

Work Ethics & Guidelines

// I am wise, experienced and skillful but I do not own any wisdom, experience or gift. 
I am a channel for the work of Divine Spirit. I receive and give in gratitude. From Life to Life.

// I walk my talk.

// (more and more) I stand my ground and speak my truth.

// I don't pretend to know what I don't know. I practice not-knowing with confidence.

// I (aspire to) act with love, compassion, integrity and humility and when (I am aware that) I fail to do so, I am honest about it.

// I invite people to own their power and to take responsibility for it.
If they project their power or responsibility on to me, I gently hand it back.

// I commit to creating trust and solidarity and to serving Life, Love and the Whole.

// I surrender to the Mystery and the center of the Circle and follow the life energy & flow, rather than pushing my own agenda. I do this with deep listening and witnessing with presence.