As I have been listening to the deeper calling of life & Earth,
I kept hearing "It's about women, it's about women's work".

I let this auspicious note and the image of a Feminine divinity work me, move me, guide me towards this Work with women at this time in the world. 

This Work has been unfolding as visual storytelling through my mediums of photography and video, as well as community building and guidance in the form of women circles and retreats both of which manifest as part of a larger narrative & vision called WOMEN ARE MEDICINE. 

Women are medicine, particularly at this time in the world, because women inherently embody the feminine qualities that are so desperately needed in our world right now. We need the women to step up and to move in close to the calling, to the heartbeat of the Earth. Women hold the power to re-pattern our humanity, our civilization. We need the stories of the women who are doing it already so others can remember too, so they feel inspired and encouraged to step into their power, into their calling, into their fire, not only for their own sake but because life depends on it.

It's woman's time to step forward!

...What would happen if one woman told the truth about her life?
The world would split open...
— excerpt from the poem KATHE KOLLWITZ by Muriel Rukeyser

Telling of the stories happens and will continue through the visual portraits of medicineWomen - artists, social innovators, mothers, permaculture designers, storytellers, activists, elders, midwives, doulas, healers, wisdom & faith holders who continually recreate themselves, fiercely determined to show up for truth and service in this time of planetary transition - through photos and video portraits, a book of images and narrative, as well as calling and hosting women circles and gatherings with the invitation of being in service of the world by stepping into our medicine. 

medicineWomen PHOTOGRAPHY

When I look at the women, I see beauty, I see courage, I see vulnerability. When they show themselves to the World, they are inevitably beautiful. medicineWomen is the story of us, women, of our longing for a more beautiful world our hearts know is possible, our digging into the Earth to find and let free the Wild Woman within, our surrender to the calling of these times.

In those eyes, I see myself and the irresistible invitation of Divine Feminine.

Part of my work is to make them visible, to make the GREAT WOMAN visible through their faces, to make the TRUTH known that women are medicine.

"One by one, the healers, the dancers, the courtesans, the priestesses, the empresses are showing up by that river that is flowing very fast now. We drop our robes and enter the river of life naked like the day we were born. There’s no turning back. We now swim together – not against the current – but along with the furious rapids longing to take us Home…"

- Filiz Telek


In 2013, I heard the call.

I felt in my belly the space for women to gather.
To co-create a sacred time and space for truth, love, healing and joy. To breathe life and to let life breathe through us. To connect with and embody the Sacred Feminine in our togetherness, through dance, song, ritual, dialogue, prayer. To nourish ourselves, each other and the Earth. To shed the tears of grief, to laugh belly-full laughter of joy. To witness one another as we reveal our sacred stories around the fire. To put our ears and bellies on the Earth and listen, in awe, reverence and gratitude. 

I immediately called upon 3 sisters of mine - Maaianne Knuth from Zimbabwe, Nina Nisar and Simone Poutnik from Germany. Miles away from each other, we huddled around skype calls to breathe life into this vision and calling. And so, in June 2013, the first "Women are Medicine" Retreat took place on the Aegean coast of Turkey.

The seed took root. The medicine that this circle and intention carries proved be larger and stronger than any of us could imagine. Since the first WaM retreat in Turkey, others took place in Zimbabwe, South Africa, France and new ones are being called within our ever growing circle.

For recent and upcoming WaM events, please check out Journeys & Events page.
If you would like to call/invite a Women are Medicine gathering/retreat or women circle workshop at your home place, please contact me and let us sense into it together.