1-5 JUNE 2016
Yediburunlar Lighthouse, Fethiye

The act of shedding acquired states of domestication & shame, cultivating our erotic/emotional intelligence and expression to reach our fullest generative potential, restoring our primary relationship with The World, creating meaning and fostering profound intimate engagement with all life around, and within us.
Christiane Pelmas


“Within every woman there lives a powerful force, filled with good instincts, passionate creativity, and ageless knowing. She is the Wild Woman, who represents the instinctual nature of women. Wild Woman is the female soul; she is the source of the feminine. She is the Life/Death/Life force, she is the incubator. She is intuition, she is far-seer, she is deep listener, she is loyal heart. She is the one we leave Home to look for. She is the one we come Home to.” 
Clarissa Pinkola Estes

Where do we begin? 
As the great wheel of life turns, the calling is imminent: 
come Home to your essence,
sweetest, wildest, most courageous Self only you can be. 
It is time to re-create the World all over, a new cycle has begun and we are the ones we’ve been waiting for! The Earth is calling our name, sisters, to re-member and revive the Wild Woman who is eager to come out and play, to create and destroy, to heal and teach, to guide and shake, in service of Life. 
We invite you to a journey of rewilding to connect with our timeless, feminine essence and to embody our Soul wisdom in service of Life. We will shake off the dust of patriarchy as we dance, sing, move, listen to the deepest parts of ourselves in the witnessing of our sisters and we will welcome all our pieces Home.
By naming our gifts, we will reclaim our medicine for ourselves,
each other and the World… 

The journey will unfold through the guidance of four stages:

Dancing with the Mystery - yes to not-knowing
Grief & Praise - coming alive in a dying world
Coming Home to Myself - honey in the heart
Falling in love with the World - for all our relations

In this soulcentric, mytho-poetic journey we will explore new territories within and without and experience states of non-ordinary perception through a variety of practices and processes such as movement meditation, Way of Council, listening to the land, storytelling, singing, ceremony, poetry, shamanic journey, conversations with more-than-human world and many open spaces.

The real caller and the host of this circle and journey is the Great Mother, the Divine Feminine in the witnessing of Sacred Masculine. Let us surrender to Her in our vulnerability and be guided to the depths of feminine soul. For She will show us the Way…Let us trust Him for he will protect and hold space for us to dive deeper and surface with our shining Soul gifts. 


filiz telek
guide, field weaver & writer

Filiz is a social artist, process designer, poet/writer, community organizer and a transition host whose purpose is to serve the transition of the humanity and the planet to the new paradigm by awakening a sense of possibility and sacred in human heart and soul. She is a devotee and emanation of Beauty in life, the beauty of the truth of what is; a pathfinder and a trailblazer.

Her work focused on mainly creating resilient communities by bringing people together around their passions through participatory organizing principles, tapping into collective intelligence. In recent years, she was called to work with the power of beauty and creativity, inspiring and encouraging people to step into their authentic lives through narratives - visual and written - of possibility and interbeingness. Her immediate focus is being present to herself, her Soul and to Life. She offers the practice of being present through deep listening and witnessing to individuals and groups she works with. Currently, along with her work with women, grief work and bringing men and women together in circles of restorative and intimate connection is calling her deeply.


alexa rani schmid
5 Rhythms® facilitator 

Alexa is a graceful, gentle and strongly grounded facilitator who brings a deeply intuitive sense of the rhythms of life to her teaching and practice. She embodies the kind of magic that makes it safe for participants to explore their own darkest caves and re-emerge with a renewed sense of connection to others, and the world at large - perhaps even carrying a firefly or two!  Hers is the kind of nourishment we most dearly need - good for our bodies, good for our souls, and good for the communities we are a part of.

veerle kumpen
singer, songwriter

Veerle is a kirtan and musical artist from Belgium. She is currently based in Vienna where she hosts renowned singing circles. Her creations are inspired by her many travels all around the world and the medicine songs of ancient traditions. 
Music moves her heart and this is deeply felt through every note she sings. Those listening to her voice know that it is very easy to sink into her warm bath of music medicine for the soul.




Quirky, quaint and quite breathtaking – that’s Yediburunlar Lighthouse, a retreat center like no other. Perched 550 m. up in Turkey’s Taurus mountains, teetering, to one side, on a near-sheer drop to the azure waters of the Mediterranean below, Yediburunlar offers both a wild vista for the imagination and a comfortable nest for deep rest and rejuvenation.
http://www.yediburunlarlighthouse.com/  (in Turkish)

You will need to fly to DALAMAN Airport. We will organize a transfer from the airport to the venue. If you would like to come by your car, please ask us for directions. 



To honor and nurture the work and those who put their creative life force into the creation of this retreat, you are invited to contribute: 475 Euro (includes food & accommodation)
For participants from Turkey the suggested fee is 1250 TL. 

You are expected to arrive at the venue by 5 pm on June 1. We will officially begin the retreat with an opening ceremony after dinner. We will close our time together in the afternoon of June 5.

For registration, please fill the application form:

For questions, you can write to womenaremedicine@gmail.com 

This is not a workshop, nor a training.
This is a collective inquiry, enlivening prayer,
a sacred ceremony.
May we find the truth in the center of our togetherness.
May we gift each other the seeing and hearing of compassionate witnessing.
May we walk and meet one another in beauty and grace.


Alexa Rani Schmid, one of the co-hosts of WaM Rewilding is an experienced 5 Rhythms® facilitator and will lead the movement and dance sessions during our journey.

Veerle Kumpen, one of the co-hosts of WaM Rewilding, is a singer-songwriter and will support us in connecting to our voice and singing with divine inspiration.



"Rewilding taught me that no matter where I'd go, I carry home and my village with me. Rewilding taught me that I belong to a village and a village does not judge. It does not underestimate the power of an open heart. It does not abandon. I learned that when I'm with my village, I am a supporter who is always supported, a witness who is witnessed, a lover who is loved. A seeker whose prayers are always heard. That last one is my foremost gift: Trust. Trusting that my prayers will be heard. Trusting that Bella Mamma is always listening, witnessing, holding, loving, supporting and is always THERE. Trusting that if I'm humble and true in my question, she will always answer. And that she will answer in different forms. Different forms of beauty. Different forms of love and compassion. My rewilding sisters were that beauty, that love and that compassion. They were destinations to my quest for where and what home is. They were Bella Mamma in bone and flesh. Those beautiful, loving and compassionate women. I feel deeply loved and I feel love deeply."
Iraz Candas

"This sketch came out of a really--hmmm, amazing is too trite a word, let me see....homecoming experience I had recently while attending Filiz Telek's phenomenal Women Are Medicine Rewilding retreat. I have attended a number of similar events in my life, but never have I come away with such a deep inner transformation. The combination of Filiz's mindful and compassionate facilitation, the authenticity of the other women in attendance, and my own need for a breaking-open resulted in pure magic. Words cannot express....
I bow to the ladies I witnessed and who witnessed me, I bow to dear Filiz, Alexa and Veer Le, and I bow to the Great Mother who cradles us all. May our fires be ever lit and tended, and may they always be a source of warmth and light for the world."
Julia Steils Pacacioglu

"Rewilding was a deep, joyful, profound experience for me. Through the circles, dance, song, council and the support of a group of women sharing the journey I was able to really 'let go'. My feelings, grief, my true self in fact, were really seen, were witnessed. The more they were seen the more they came to be expressed. It was like coaxing out this small creature, the inner child I suppose, with love and tenderness and without judgement. She was eager to be let out. I think this is the beauty of the feminine nature of the process, things are not forced or pushed but allowed and loved. I was able to break open and be softened in the sacred space created by Filiz and our beautiful sisterhood.

For me this is what rewilding is, it is about finding our true nature, our authentic and instinctual self, the self that belongs to this earth. Shedding patterns, opening the heart and being in community. Remembering our place again in the order of things. Remembering home."
Trina Dillon