Uterus – art by Camila Carlow

Uterus – art by Camila Carlow





Womb Awakening - Women are Medicine
3-5 March 2017, Karakaya Retreat, Bodrum

A journey with circle, dance prayers, shamanic ceremonies, guided meditations and practices from ancient womb priestess lineages

Women are medicine, particularly at this time in the world, because women inherently embody the feminine qualities that are so desperately needed in our world right now. We need the women to step up and to move in close to the calling, to the heartbeat of the Earth. Women, with the support of the men, hold the power to re-pattern our humanity, our civilization at this historical moment. To connect with the authentic feminine power and reclaim our original gifts as women, we gather and sit in circle, embodying the ancient feminine lineage through our stories, movement, rituals, songs, and witnessing and holding space for each other.

Womb Awakening is the return of the Feminine Vibration in ourselves and in the world. This awakening involves our feelings, our core traumas, our desires, our physical, emotional, energetic body, our sexuality, sensuality and sensory perception. This journey takes us into different states of consciousness and it initiates a biological Feminine DNA activation through stem cells, (known as Shakti in eastern philosophy). This connects us with the Cosmic flow, through the Web of Life, so we can manifest everything we need. It opens our hearts to Love and to coming fully Alive.

The invitation of Womb Awakening is to open you to the deepest experience of love for yourself and others, to connect you with your sexuality, to support you to connect with your courage and strength so you may follow your dreams, to tap into trust that life is always looking after you, to empower you to express your inner beauty and share your gifts.

 This journey may also heal and invite into your life...

- Clearing past sexual hurts, betrayals and sabotaging patterns
- Igniting your primal power, sensual pleasure and passion
- Reconnecting to the Web of Life and Divine Mother
- Discovering and healing your womb grid energy pathways
- Opening the voice of your womb and wild innocence
- Opening into sacred union 


Rah is a South African Womb Priestess. Womb Awakening and Yoni Steam Practitioner. She is an Author and Founder of Divine Lotus - raising awareness about female genital - www.divinelotus.co.za and an Advanced Apprentice and Mentor with Fountain of Life - www.fountainoflife.org 

Rah was initiated into this vocation through her own healing journey. This was strengthened by studies in herbal medicine, ancestral rituals, women’s earth healing and Womb Awakening Apprenticeship with Fountain of Life. Rah has taken a Vow to anchor the frequencies of the Divine Feminine wherever she is called.

Filiz is a social artist, process designer, poet/writer, community organizer and a transition host whose purpose is to serve the transition of the humanity and the planet to the new paradigm by awakening a sense of possibility and sacred in human heart and soul. She is a devotee and emanation of Beauty in life, the beauty of the truth of what is; a pathfinder and a trailblazer.

Her work focused on mainly creating resilient communities by bringing people together around their passions through participatory organizing principles, tapping into collective intelligence. In recent years, she was called to work with the power of beauty and creativity, inspiring and encouraging people to step into their authentic lives through narratives - visual and written - of possibility and interbeingness. Her immediate focus is being present to herself, her Soul and to Life. She offers the practice of being present through deep listening and witnessing to individuals and groups she works with.

Filiz is a Council carrier and the caller and co-creator of “Women are Medicine” network.


400 TL + accommodation

Accommodation options (includes 2 nights accommodation & all meals)
Dormitory (6 people) - 210 TL
Double room with view - 310 TL
Double room without view - 260 TL
Single room - 340 TL

Bodrum, Turkey

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