I am change


life is movement and with movement comes change. 

the only constant, consistent, inevitable symphony of life.

we do not make change happen, change is the very nature of life in motion even when it appears to be profoundly still. 

change happens, change wants to happen and will happen.
and we either allow it, flow with it, support it or resist it, fight it, escape it - making everything so much more difficult for ourselves and each other. 

the great mystery opens up when one surrenders to this river, and deeply listens and feels into this movement. It wants to take us somewhere, not without a reason, and this place, this destination is only a new version of ourselves in time and space. 

Perhaps the denial and resistance comes from the fact that every change is a little death. How many times do we die and are reborn throughout our lives? 

Imagine change - which sometimes appears as chaos and in chaos there is a hidden order waiting to emerge - like music. Whether I like it or not, it's present, it moves and carries and impacts me and if I listen, and move along where does it guide me? When I resist and contract, what happens and where do I feel the impact? How does my resistance project into the world? 

but the times we are born in are pure change, to come to terms with this is fundamental, and to learn to respond from this basic acceptance is an essential skill to survive and thrive and serve. 

my will is my attention focused on listening, feeling, receiving and responding to life-change-presence-now-here. 

To every bit of ideology, story, right and wrong I am holding on, 
I offer it to the burning fire of presence and change - God. 
Let me be free, set me free, hold me free
in my essence. 

no matter what is happening - earthquakes, storms, break ups, illnesses, feeling empty inside, departures, arrivals...oh the Unknown! 

a bow and a cry to the rising sun, 
to the miracle of breath and beating heart,
to the infinite gifts and treasures waiting to be received
in the p r e s e n t  moment