dragons, mysteries and personal myths

Welcome December

My most favorite time of the year is approaching: winter solstice. We don't have Santa or Christmas markets here in Turkey but the magic penetrates the field regardless. 
And the winter is here finally and firewood stove is on! 
Long, dark nights to contemplate, to dream, to deeply listen to the voice of the our souls calling to us to prepare for the transition from one cycle to another...

Embedded in the silence and stillness of the tiny village I live in, I often feel the swirling magic creating pockets of possibility, eager to manifest in the visible realm. I sense that the field of possibility is even more accessible during the portal of winter solstice, it's full of magic like the twilight zone, during this in-between time & space. 

what if myths are true? magic is real?
fairies, elves, dragons and sirens are alive?
what if the voice of adventure is a sweet song?
imagination is the first step of reality? 

Today, as I contemplated on magic, I took myself to a power spot on the land that I recently discovered. On my way there, I found a dragon! I see a woman holding on to a dragon in flight. It will be placed on my altar...

Once on the spot, I simply sat and meditated in the alluring silence. How the Earth holds me. I could let go of 'anything striving' within me as the wind gently howled all around me, as the sun warmed up my chest.

How could I listen to how my life wants to unfold in this very moment, elsewhere? And observe the beautiful dance of cycles?

At this time of the year I feel, with the help of the fecund darkness, we are given more clues about our 'personal mythos'. 
The invitation is to slow down, rest in beingness and listen. Receive them.
Bring down the magic into the midst of our lives. 
Like some sweet music waiting to be downloaded from the universal playlist... 


Here's a poem I wrote precisely two years ago.
May it kindle your appetite for a beautiful winter...

winter poem

mountains call me
rainy afternoons
green and misty
the wet soil,
where are the tiny creatures hiding?
will I re-member
I am an Earthling
if I drink the raindrop
which descended from heavens?

Love, you have never abandoned me
I only fell prey to forgetfulness
and wandered even closer
to your heart in my absence.

now, let me go back to the Earth
into the temple of bone, ashes and roots
and tend the bittersweet endings
this season, say goodbye
to the old lovers and children
in passing,
because, only because
new ones are coming,
already knocking on my door.

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