ecstatic revolution

I am a woman,
and, I am a sexual being. 

And it took me approximately 42 years to feel that, to name that, to appreciate that, to claim that.  
Do I fully and unashamedly embody my sexual feminine nature? Show up as the Earthly reflection of the Divine Mother? No, not exactly. It still makes me uncomfortable to be "that", to be seen and perceived as "that", to relate and be related to as "that". 

But this power residing in my womb, this awakening sexual energy, this life force surging within me is stronger than any conditioning of shame, fear and disconnection inherited from my female lineage, brutally corrupted by patriarchy for a very long time. As the feminine energy is rising once again, the holy womb is awakening, This energy is activated and literally unstoppable and bigger than any of us, so we women need to seek generative, creative and inspiring ways to feel, to own, to express it. One of these ways is connecting with other women in circles: I clearly see a pattern at this time as many women are called to reconnect with, rediscover and take ownership of their bodies, wombs, sexual energies and pleasure. Even though sexual energy is mostly associated with either reproduction or lust, this is about awakening to our essential feminine nature as Creatrixes, as Priestesses, and taking our place again in our seat of power and protect and serve life as we were meant to do. 

It may seem like a stark contrast to talk about feminine sexuality and pleasure when the world as we know it is falling apart. There is even a sense of shame and subtle guilt in bringing this up when ecosystems are failing and children are dying in wars not too far from where I live. 
What does women's pleasure have to do with anything anyway? Can the Womb save humanity? 

"A fundamental fear of sexuality is historically embedded into female cells ever since the establishment of patriarchy. The level of fear rises immediately if her sexual affirmation is no longer directed toward only one man. The images of violence, the annihilation and destruction of all female elements, and the sexual atrocities of a catastrophic history between man and woman, which are stored as sedimented fear in the cells of women, are awakened whenever they approach the topic of sexuality. The cruelty and the fear of it are, however, not a part of sexuality itself, but are a result of thousands of years of misguided and suppressed sexuality."
Sabine Lichtenfels

I feel it is this time precisely, when the seeming darkness and chaos are bringing a collective death all around us, to tap into this supernova life force to create new life, to respond to the call of evolution and become the bearers of new life, to give it all we have. The power to do this resides in our wombs; the joy and inspiration to create is activated through the liberation of sexual energy. This power is the same power that makes a seed blossom, same life force carrying nutrition from the roots of a tree to its fruits, same nectar the bee carries from a thousand flowers to her hive. It is the power and will to create as life force! 

I believe in women's liberation (not without men's liberation) for its great potential to bring in and ground the new life flooding our consciousness and Mother Earth right now. Women find a lot of strength and courage in coming together, in speaking their truth and witnessing one another, embodying their passions and longing. With each word, or moment of silence, each tear and laughter, as one reveals herself to the other, the space a woman occupies within grows exponentially. The expanding space eventually enters the womb and begins to infuse this sacred container with awareness. 

Women's capacity to connect, receive and be intimate with what is, is the healing potential to awaken love and create what life calls forth right now. This is a gentle life force rooted in compassion and vulnerability, in surrendering with trust, this is the devotional life force, bhakti. Then there's the will and lust to create, the capacity to receive and give pleasure, to unashamedly ride the waves of pleasure and joy, dancing wildly to the beat of the drum, shaking the hips, making love without holding back, unlearning the internalized shame and oppression, shaking everything open, this is the ecstatic power of creation, the inevitable change that animates all movement, shakti. When these two qualities - bhakti and shakti - come Home in union in women, there is a great potential for miracles which we need to happen. 

As much as it is a time of darkness and destruction, it is also a time of creation and new life. It is a moment like no other with so much wanting to be born through our wombs, hands and hearts. When the external reality falls apart and there is not much to hold on, the only place to generate life force from is within, so let us do that. Let us tap into the holy grail of life with intention and consciousness to be vehicles of the great mystery, to create new maps in uncharted territories of love and community. 

When we separated God, our spirituality and Creation stories from sexuality and Eros, we suffered greatly. Let us come Home to the Beloved by remembering our greatest source of joy and creativity. 

Sabine Lichtenfels’s

“Lilith’s Worlds: I Love Being a Woman”

Lilith’s voice:

I want to live in a community with men and women, with children, animals and plants so that I am not continually forced to hide my actual being from the others. Perception and contact are forces of life that are as elementary as breathing. If these are possible, then I love being a woman, because I can then be a woman to my full extent. My fulfillment as a woman has always taken place within community. This almost biological longing still lives in my cells.

Under present societal conditions, I am forced to confine this longing for contact, continuity and faithfulness to contexts that are far too small. To make it possible for love and Eros to unfold in a way that corresponds to my actual femininity, community is needed: a larger love-community based on trust. The new human peace culture depends on our ability to build functioning communities. It is strange that humans can live at all without community. In the patriarchal culture, humans have been separated from their natural universal tribal context. Communities that do form nowadays always fail because of the issue of love. They always fail because of the unresolved issues of competition and jealousy.

In the early cultures, we were all connected with Mother Earth and our life was in her service. This state of being connected with Creation, we called love. Together we formed one big interconnected family. All love relationships were in connection with the greater whole. Private love relationships did not exist. And this is where I come to the essential point of my being a woman, the point that has been oppressed and denied the most: my sexuality.

I am a woman. And as I am a woman, I am a sexual being. And I love being a sexual being. A woman who makes this statement today in the 21st century needs revolutionary courage, which so far is only rudimentarily present in only a few women, even though we seem to live in the age of so-called sexual liberation. This statement means:

Letting go of shame.

Letting go of the fear of violence.

Letting go of the fear of suppression and punishment.

Letting go of false morals.

Letting go of the fear of the envy of rivals.

Letting go of the norms of the beauty industry.

Letting go of the religions of the patriarchal culture.

Letting go of the old picture of love.

Letting go of powerlessness towards men.

Letting go of sexual comparison and pressure to perform.

There is hardly anything that women don’t have to let go of in order to freely claim this statement with no secret guilt feelings. A historical fear of sexuality has been lying in the cells of the female since the development of patriarchy. The intensity of this fear increases immediately when the woman does not bind her “yes” to sexuality to only one man. Violence, demolition and destruction of all elements of the female, and sexual atrocities of a history that went wrong between men and women lie today as a sediment of fear in the cells of the woman as soon as she approaches the issue of sexuality. But the cruelty, and the fear of cruelty, are not part of sexuality itself, but rather a result of a sexuality that has been misdirected and suppressed for thousands of years.

Sabine Licthenfels, Co-founder of Tamera Ecovillage