Our elders – even though elderhood does refer to a certain wisdom that arrives with age, this status is not limited to age and not all people with old age are elders – are precious lifelines to our development and wellbeing, even sanity. When you look at the modern society, it is unfortunate to see that this agency has nearly disappeared from our midst, intertwined with many other factors of decay and corruption, or perhaps simply change in the way we lived as humans for millennia. 

When parents, grandparents or other people of older age and higher status are not able to offer the kind of guidance, unconditional space holding and compassion towards the young – and they are not able to because they have not received it themselves for whatever reason – there’s a deeper wounding and depression that descend on the whole community. The traditions and wisdoms, especially the ones that are transmitted orally and in circular, spiral ways of storytelling, rite of passages, rituals, dances, songs, poems do become orphans, like us, when they have no one to pass them on, when they have no place to land…

So, at this time and age, for those of us who did not have the elders around us naturally, it is perhaps necessary to actively seek out and call elders into our lives. And definitely be aware of and work towards building this agency within ourselves so we can be the elders that the next generations need. It is essential for the transition to a healthy and life-affirming culture. 

I want to honor all the elders that have guided me and held space for me in my life. Without them I wouldn’t be who I am today.