free of stories

Our lives are full of stories; in fact we are the culmination of the stories we believe in and live by. Story is the way we make meaning of being a conscious dust speck in an ever-expanding space. Stories are anchors and stepping-stones as we make our own path in an ocean of infinite possibilities…

And yet, when stories are used as an excuse for self-righteous acts and hiding from our own power behind the façade of a victim, what is it good for?

How does it serve anyone when the stories we keep telling ourselves keep us stuck in a barren inner-landscape that forbids our growth and evolution as a species? 


All stories can and will change. Sometimes it’s good to remember that WE DON'T KNOW. 
Ultimately everything is part of the Great Mystery that we breathe in constantly. 

It is real surrender – even momentarily – to drop all stories, including and especially the stories that make up the core of our identity – and bow to the Great Mystery of not knowing. Sometimes it is necessary to say, “I don’t know what is right and what is wrong anymore” to clear the debris of everything known and learned. 

What a revelation to stay at that threshold of infinite possibilities and to hold your gaze steadily, softly in that space free of stories, to taste anew the present moment.