honor everything

She told me "honor everything". 
I do not know how.
but I trust Her wisdom...

Some years back, She had told me: "Don't make things happen. Let things happen."
I also did not know then how to 'let things happen' - and I am still learning - but I took Her word and let myself be guided towards this possibility. No doubt that it transformed my world. 

So, not knowing how is never a roadblock. This is where we begin. It's a good place. 

Yet these two words - honor everything - is not to be taken lightly. Because I know this, too, and this time, too, will change everything. 

For my mind, it's difficult to reconcile what this implies. It's non-sense and absurd. How can I honor everything in a world of duality, right and wrong, rape and murder? 

There's war in this world! 
Honor everything.

What about climate change? Species disappearing? 
Honor everything.

But, but...he/she/they hurt me! and I am angry!
Honor everything.

and begin with yourself.

I do not know and that is a good place to begin. 
And even though my mind struggles, some other space in me is at home with this "honor everything" business.
Somewhere between my breastbone and hips, there's a timid yet resounding "yes".
I am secretly aware of the power of the honor everything medicine. 

There are nightingales living across my house. They recently started singing their nocturnal love songs and I find myself in ecstatic longing, intoxicated by this heavenly song, overwhelmed by this divine blessing. In these extraordinary encounters with more than human world, a hushed mind and an overjoyed heart allow me to honor everything. Perhaps it is the responsibility of the privileged life I am living: holding everything - including tragedies, death, war, duality - in tenderness and prayerful silence. 

I suspect it has to do with presence
An uncompromising presence suffused with humility, a non-judgmental sky-like awareness of what is. 
Just that. 
This is my life practice, my path of learning and service. 

Thank you Mother Aegean, She who told me
honor everthing
and begin with yourself. 

photo by kamyar houbakht

photo by kamyar houbakht