I am taking the Song Home with me

In every heart, there is a secret window that opens to the sweet mystery of Life. 
Come, beloved, knock on my window so I can swing it wide open to feel your presence. 
Your breath so fresh, so reviving, so seducing is your fragrance that all my flowers
want to open and surrender fully. 
Kiss me on my forehead, let your music fill my body and soul, 
so that I know what this life is about, so I remember the ecstasy of being a human. 
Come embrace me in your unknown, unpredictable ways, 
press your heart hard onto mine, so I know I am alive in your love. 
The place in my heart touched by you now aches sweetly with your longing:
Longing for you is longing for truth, for beauty, for trust, for surrender, 
longing for you is the longing of love. 
I want to cry out loud, fall on my knees with the ecstasy of Love. 
Oh Beloved,

Sing with me, make me sing, sing me,
let the Song take me Home

I am deeply grateful to Sound & Silence Festival that took me on a mytho-poetic, musical healing journey of my life, basking in the glory of music for hours every day for a week. Sometimes in tears, sometimes in laughter, sometimes in deep stillness, I've come a little closer to home, a little closer to Beloved. 

May the music medicine fill our lives and help us find the Beloved within of whose presence we seek everywhere. 

One of the musicians who inspired me most at the Sound & Silence Festival is Estas Tonne
He has a special way of touching the audience, move energy in the space and awaken something that wants to come alive in human heart. I bow to his passion, truthful expression and masterful artistry. 

Here's one of his creations that will take you on a soul journey...take an internal flight with him.