I will not give up on us

A quiet evening in an Aegean village, a pregnant moon rising.

I am listening to the silence while so much stirs in me that wants to be expressed but how?
I watch the swallows do their evening dance and everything seems to be ‘normal’ but what is normal?

There is so much I want to write about – bees, Gezi anniversary, love in its infinite form, love knocking on the walls of my heart, finding myself in the center of my body – but I keep staring at the blank screen. I wish to find the words, sounds, images to express the profound aliveness I feel to touch others' aliveness.

The evening breeze carries me the smell of the mountains, oregano and jasmine and I inhale, I inhale.

Reckless Abandon

My heart, o my heart, speak your truth tonight
full moon rising over the dreaming stars
the night owls are too joining this symphony
of love making, truth telling, belly showing,

C’mon then.

Don’t hold back my heart, sing your song
of anguish and longing deep into the world
with reckless abandon.
Should you be found in this dark mesmerizing dream
of lunatics drunk with love,
don’t hold back any longer and welcome them
to the innermost chamber of painstaking beauty
that you are.
Dissolve your camouflage, drop this mask,
we’re only clumsy creatures of God
searching for the right way to love.

I will not give up on us.

I will not give up on us.

p.s. My friend Tesa Silvestre, upon reading my post, read my poem with her beautiful voice in a recording. You can listen to it here, thank you Tesa!