ignite: give your gift to the shift

I am ignited! 

This morning I listened to a talk by Barbara Marx Hubbard and felt totally IGNITED to offer my voice to the world. This is my first voice recording ever, letting my soul and heart and mind speak with no inhibition.

As we go through the turbulence and chaos of our times, I hear the call to be present, to be a witness, to feel and express, to dream and envision, to give my gift to the shift, to love Life in its wholeness and glory. I feel more inspired and empowered than ever to step into being a loving, creative, regenerative Life force and I invite you to join me.

This talk is IGNITED by Barbara Marx Hubbard, her invitation to say YES to the evolutionary, creative impulse and here's my YES, and further invitation to you to be the loving, creative, regenerative Life force that you can be at this time. 
Thank you...