I am having a good cry this morning. The sun hasn't come up yet outside and I just found out Leonard Cohen passed away. 

I am not even a fan of this man but oh the tears are falling...oh the heartbreak. 

Perhaps it's the gloom the global community has been sucked into, following the elections in US. The shock and despair of unexpected, ugly truth, the overwhelming fear and confusion of a nation facing its own great shadow. Next to it Standing Rock spirit shining and the prayers getting stronger and stronger.

And perhaps not too far from home, the unbearable injustices that make me feel so, so powerless. The journalists, the Kurdish politicians, the academicians, basically anyone who dares to question the authority in my country have been summoned one by one to be silenced. While greed for power and corruption are being rewarded. 

I don't mind the tears. In fact, they are my saving grace, they are the proof of my innocence, my tender and caring heart. 
Plus, as my heart breaks open to all that is happening inside and outside me, especially in those moments so strong that I fall onto my knees, I know I am deeply alive, I praise this Life.

I want to feel deeply, everything. As I allow myself to feel and be with all that I feel - unease, discomfort, fear, rage, sorrow -, as they find their way out into the open, what remains, what lies beneath is a fluid, all-encompassing, overwhelming sense of love.

Allow yourself to feel as much as you can,
Let the pain of injustice and suffering in the world penetrate your precious, tender heart. 
Not to be shattered but to be broken open to love. 
Such fierce love that you will take that risk to make this world whole again. 

Some initiations are harder than others and they require all you got, everything without an exception. You would be asked to give your life - sometimes live or die - essentially in service of your community and Life. This is no small task and definitely not to be underestimated. Not for the faint of heart. 

Just like the times we live in. 

If we have forgotten who we are - our real name - and our connection with the Sacred and the holy fire burning in our blood, would anything LESS than what's going on in the world WAKE US UP now?

We are the World and this is an initiation, a sacred rite of passage.

Life is orchestrating some fascinating moves and constellations right now. You may not be fond of Mr. Trump for what he represents but remember he too is 'employed' by life. He might be the caricature of a man that embodies everything you despise and devote your life to change and he's very likely to disrupt the precious values you feel identified with and do you ask yourself: what is really going on here?

Sometimes, when Life is rubbing my nose in deep shit, I gasp with disbelief: is this a COSMIC JOKE?! 

According to Mayan Cosmology, there might be truth to this joke:

                                                         artist unknown

                                                         artist unknown

"Xibalba is a place, it is a place in the Milky Way, the dark spots in the Milky Way, the Mayans believe that it was a place within the earth, but Xibalba is a state of consciousness, the state that the world is in today. It's a state that the world is in, and the winds of change of Xibalba is so strong that they are unavoidable, they touch all of us, and they are an invitation to that alchemical transformation, to that deep inner transformation. Not to reinvent ourselves, not to trim sails, not to change the diet a little bit, not to attend to the little details; to take all of it on, to put every belief, every assumption that we have on the table and question it's legitimacy and it's relevance and it's truth. Because Xibalba is about telling the truth from the lies, it's about waking up from the age of lies and the land of lies that we have been living in and convinced ourselves of and begun to believe in, and to waking up into that clarity of vision that allows us to see truth even in the midst of chaos and confusion. Not only to see truth but to become truth, to practice truth so that everything we speak is truthful, everything we are is truth, and when you do that then you discover the power of emerging in glory from Xibalba is that everything you say then becomes true, because you have become truth. You have broken out of the hall of mirrors, out of the great illusion."
Alberto Villoldo

Welcome to our rude awakening. There is no way around it but through it. 
You can read about a sane and wise read of this unfolding by Charles Eisenstein here.

I love the wisdom and clarity that Trump already mobilized amongst my American friends! All of us need to know that this committing to truth and service must be unconditional and with faith in Life, beyond hope and despair, regardless of short-term outcomes of our actions. After the initial surge of energy wanes and it comes down to living everyday life with the current reality, a true spiritual stamina is required. Because as we see in my country, things can get worse and there could be moments of utter not-knowing and terror. Then, it's good to remember that this is a rite of passage, an initiation and we are in it together. And however ridiculously surreal and difficult things seem, Life has a plan.
We are meant to be here now - it is the right time.

It's time to sit in council. Time to beat the drum. Time to sing our prayers. Time to be quiet and listen. Time to raise our voices. Time to honor our ancestors and elders. Time to dance around the fire. Time to call in the future. 

We are so lightly here.
It is in love that we are made,
In love we disappear.

- Leonard Cohen