lay everything down

Every once in a while one needs to “empty the cup” of accumulated achievements and failures over time that clog the body-being and prevent one to receive more good news from the benevolent universe. The vessel that I am – free of identifications and possessions – is able to receive more, to flow freely, to be spontaneous and creative in the heat of life’s dynamism!  

All the trophies of the past that I bore proudly become a certain kind of weight and limitation that define who I was but not anymore who I am and could be. It’s like flying to the moon and as I get higher I need to drop ‘masses’ that fueled me but now they are empty structures holding me back. The question is ‘what is essential and carries life essence?’.
I don’t want to drag dead bodies around. It helps a tree to prune its old branches to bear new shoots…

Impermanence used to scare me. But here in India, I am getting a different perspective on it:
It is somehow about life's dynamism - energy in motion (and of course with the awareness of the stillness, the unchangeable underneath it all) This dynamism is so visible and allowed here that one cannot not swim in this holy motion (which sometimes appears as chaos) It urges me to release old identities and attachments and open space for the new life to come through.

So I did. I laid everything down – all projects, initiatives, networks, communities I’ve been part of creating which are not alive in me anymore apart from an entitled sense of ownership – at the feet of Shiva, on top of holy Arunachala Mountain in Southern India. I freed them but most importantly I freed myself.

I give away everything
They never belonged to me anyway
They are seeds of life born to nourish life
I lay down the illusion of separation and ownership
for the joy and freedom of being
an animate player-vessel
of Life

More space in this vessel, for new creations of Love and Life…