lean forward

Let me blindfold you,
close your eyes and move forward,
into the territory that terrifies you.
Allow your heart to race
as you lean into life,
into your life with deepening breath.
Your soul has eyes for the destination
and your feet know the path.

Lean forward, drop your weight
and fall into the abyss,
entering the behemoth’s belly,
to be devoured, consumed, ravaged,
even then meet this beloved
in awe, in celebration,
this beast loves you
as the rest of Creation!
Keep your eyes closed and lean forward
as fear eats your insides
and whisper to yourself
“I am here to meet my destiny”

Do your ears burn with rage,
does your heart ache with grief,
what are all these messengers
begging you for?

Your freedom is so close,
the end of the war
hidden in your breath.
lean forward
into your life.