1. (of a metal or other material) able to be hammered or pressed into shape without breaking or cracking.
    "a malleable metal can be beaten into a sheet"

Yesterday I went to the beach or rather I took myself to the water. Immersing myself in water is the most powerful purification ritual for me. It's a substance I can surrender myself to, feeling caressed, uplifted, cleansed and loved all at the same time. I am facing some personal and collective darkness these days in the form of fear and I am in need of moments of refuge and divine guidance that there's purpose and medicine in the suffering I am navigating through. The nature provides that kind of spacious, insightful reading of the field during tough times, so with a friend of mine we hiked through a magical landscape of rocks and trees and Mediterranean, we walked to the water, like a mini pilgrimage. 

When we got to the beach, there was no one else, so we were encouraged to strip everything off and dive into the healing turquoise waters like goddesses. I am pretty sure this was an ancient ritual for women - to give themselves to the mother sea, submerge in healing & cleansing waters and begin a new cycle reemerging from the womb, like a re-birth. 

Indeed I emerged out of the water feeling utterly alive and radiant, full of gratitude for Mother's blessing. On the beach I found two stones that were soft, lovingly shaped by the water in fluid forms. Looking at them, holding and feeling them in my hand, I heard "malleable". 

Malleable...malleable. It kept resonating in my being, this simple word. Here's an invitation, I thought. All this pressure I feel is simply benevolent life force shaping me into a finer form, hidden beneath the layers of everything that is keeping me small and separate.

Have I not prayed for my liberation? to heal the wound of separation? 
I have, so many times. 
Here, it's happening now...

I hold the stones in my hand and feel their soft, round, tender form and remind myself to be malleable in these times of profound transformation.