oh my heart

Our collective heart is bleeding. 
There is so much noise, so many opinions out there, sometimes I want to mute the whole world and allow a profound silence to descend on us. 

So we can really hear
our collective heartbeat. 

It seems like not a day goes by without some tragedy, not too far from any of us any longer. The world doesn't allow us to forget anymore: our collective wound of separation is no longer to be ignored, our collective heart is bleeding. 

Behind all tragedies, atrocities, there is the same bright red scar, same old culprit: 
"I versus you"
"We versus them"
"Good versus evil"

My capacity to be on any part of the duality is exhausted. I am exhausted from being identified as one thing and by that, being against something or someone else. I simply can't do it anymore.
My heart is protesting and short-circuiting my mind. 

Is it happening to you too? 
Are you tired of being angry, spewing righteous insults on "the other", being busy proving yourself right and them wrong, of complaining, criticizing, condemning, too? 

Something strange is happening to me.

With each violent attack, with each tragedy, with each breakdown of a part of our broken systems/structures, my heart's capacity to love is growing.
The more I feel the pain, the more I feel compassion.
The more I feel, the more I want to serve.
The more I look into the eyes of destruction, the more beauty I want to create.

and that is my resolve. nothing less, nothing more. 
to count my blessings every day, to honor all my relations in the best way I can, 
and to find my place and role to serve this heartbreakingly beautiful world. 



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