on men


One of the most powerful things I witnessed in my life is seeing men pray in ceremony, seeing men connect with one another and seeing men cry. Men allowing themselves to feel and reveal their vulnerability. As a woman I long for men who deeply seek for their service to life. Does he know his power and what this power is good for? Does he dare to look into his shadow and is he aware of the cultural poverty he comes from? Is he willing to work with the shame and guilt that the collective unconscious dumps on him as a man so he can free himself to use his power in a clean way? Does he follow his soul into the wild, unknown territory of what it means to be a man at this time in the world beyond his conditioning and expectations of others? Does he seek guidance and holding of elders & community to walk his path in humility? Is he intimate with his hunger, his deep longing and grief to transform them into medicine for the world?

Let this be an appreciation for those who are diving deep into this self-in quiry.

Let this be an invitation for those who have not considered these questions before.

And why is it upon a woman to make this invitation? Because like many women, I am not looking for a son, I am not looking for a father (even though I may be projecting these unconsciously, I am willing to work on it), I am not just looking for lovers but I am looking for co-visionary partner(s) and playmates to co-create this new world that is trying to be born.