a perfect morning

In the early morning hours, the quiet, exquisite existence, stillness so palpable, the magic is not only being in spacious encounter with Self but also tuning in and "genießen"* this larger presence which is more than the sum of all Creation.
I rest in that presence, finding a belonging like no other.

This is the place that Rumi pointed to:
A place of non-duality
A place of wonder
A place of mystery where all physical forms manifest from.

The bees hum this magnetic field. The birds sing it. The wind blows from it. The mountains safeguard it.

And we move endlessly, without noticing this magnificent field, lost in our drama.
It breaks my heart.

The presence keeps calling us Home:
Come HOME. Take a seat. Rest. Drink from this well.

Being here, coming Home, I both know this is where I belong and at once I am terrified not to be able to find my way here again. I am terrified to lose contact in cities, during traveling, in the noise of civilization.

I am afraid not to "taste" Home again.

I look outside my window and I am the olive tree that sways in the gentle wind, shimmering in the sunlight. My fear disappears.

It's a perfect morning at "the frontier between substance and nothingness"**

* genießen means to enjoy, to savor someting
** a quote from poet David Whyte