It is like a dust storm in the horizon
calling my name:
something so wild, so ancient,
so untamed and so determined
to claim and ravage me. 

I walk straight into it,
Which god is it, I wonder
the God of Wild Things?
- his hands clenched a shiny spear
his gaze firm on my fear -
of those who dare everything:
moving, jumping, dancing, leaping,
weeping, calling, inviting, feeling,
falling, crawling, howling.
then, dying,
again and again, 
only to rise with that
fierce love in their eyes.

"welcome to the realm of wild things,
of uninterrupted dreams and ugly beasts
that you avoided all your life",
of rampant imagination with no break
on reality,
of Alice and the rabbit hole, 
of Krampus with no manners, 
of Durga and Inanna,
of Odin and Freya, 
beating their drums, singing, 
doing their wild dance around the solstice fire
in this dark forest
so old that the creatures have no fear
of humans.

The God of Wild Things
lures me closer. 
He's handsome and terrifying, 
what am I to find in his mystifying
I am a willing prey
in this game of vulnerability with no rules. 
I came to retrieve parts of my soul:
my innocence
my playfulness
my songs
and the forbidden Eros. 

He smiles and ferns start unfurling
between my legs
and fur grows silently
covering my soft, pale skin.
Antlers pierce through my forehead,
my claws stretch wide open,
my breasts filled with milk
to feed the hungry beasts,
transmuting this fragile body
into chthonic beauty,
making me something of the forest. 

The deer treads gently beside me
carrying my drum for when the time
comes to lay down the old bones
to rest on sacred ground
by the feet of the God of Wild Things,

to pray for my life,
to grieve Anthropocene,
to give thanks for everything,
to sing the song of Re-wilding. 

"Re-Wilding" is my theme for 2016. It came to me through dreams, meditations, songs, images, and longing. It's my Soul's calling, it is the higher order guiding me to my destiny, to continue retrieving lost (abandoned, rejected, forgotten) parts of my Soul. My direction is North, I listen and I keep hearing the songs and stories whispering my name. My Aegean Soul is giddy with excitement to re-connect with her Nordic lineage. 
Always, always embracing more of humanity, more of Creation, more of the unloved beasts...

The act of:
shedding acquired states of domestication & shame,
cultivating our erotic / emotional intelligence and expression to reach our fullest generative potential,
restoring our primary relationship with The World, creating meaning and fostering profound intimate engagement with all life around, and within, us.

We do this work because our first and most important partnership is not with the humans with whom we live but rather The World that makes all life possible."
Christiane Pelmas

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