return to the temple

She has been calling...
Upon Her request we have gathered,
to open the Temple gates, again. 
We entered humbly, cleared away the dust, rekindled the fire and welcomed the Priestesses back...
to pray, to sing, to dance, to remember...

"We are made for these times. We are here to meet this curve of evolution. We are ready."

A priestess is a devotee of life, fully committed to getting to know herself as a reflection of Divine Feminine and live her fullest potential so she can serve her community and all life in grace and gratitude. Sometimes she's on her knees, kissing the holy ground supporting her, in humility; sometimes she's soaring high in her power and knowing, ready to act, guide, lead, create with no holding back: she is the power of Creation as Life Force! She shows up in her fullness and vulnerability, willing to give her gifts to the world as well as being open to receive support and nourishment from life.

This is no time for doubts, this is no time to wait it out for a more opportune moment, this is no time to keep small and mute. The earth is calling for the new birth and the Temple gates are waiting to be knocked on.

Women are medicine, particularly at this time in the world, because women inherently embody the feminine qualities that are so desperately needed in our world right now. We as women need to step up and to move in close to the calling, to the heartbeat of the Earth. With the support of the men, women hold the power to re-pattern our humanity, our civilization at this historical moment. To connect with the authentic feminine power and reclaim our original gifts as women, we gather and sit in circle, embodying the ancient feminine lineage through our stories, movement, rituals, songs, and witnessing and holding space for each other.

Together we enter the Temple of Divine Love and Sacred Service and remember and activate our priestess nature. This is an active remembering of an ancient lineage which has been lying dormant in our DNA, in our collective memory. We need to gently remind ourselves and each other what we knew before the horrors and forgetfulness descended upon us. All that wisdom and power residing in our bones is waiting to be unleashed for the rebirth of humanity. 

There is a priestess in every woman whether or not she is ready to do her magic in the world. It is one of the many archetypal energies a woman embodies and when it's called upon, would empower a woman to give her gifts and do her devotional work in the world. Once a woman remembers and activate her priestess nature, she can remind other women too - not even teaching them as this is not something to be taught but to be remembered - by being that presence and being with her sisters, inviting them to the place of power and devotion within. 

We shall remember in the Temple. 
She is the Temple, this great Earth, this body, the yoni is the Temple. 
It is wherever we set our altar and pray, 
whenever we put our forehead on the ground in surrender,
sing and dance in ecstasy. 
It is whenever we praise beauty and,
wherever we create beauty with our care and attention and the devotion of our heart.
The Temple is when we claim our power and take responsibility for our life experience
and reclaim our projections, bringing them back Home,

The Temple shows up when we show up and sweep the floor in humility,
after a hard day of facing shadow and dancing with doubts and confusion,
this is faith, this is devotion.

I seek this Temple within and in the World. 

"I hear the bells of the sacred Temple that is this body, this Earth, this Life! 
The temple is a blueprint etched into our DNA,
waiting patiently for the right time and circumstances
to reinstitute itself into our consciousness and reality once again. 
I know that I have guarded and served the holy Temple for life times,
keeping the flame of Creation alive and now, once again,
the gates of the Temple are opening and it's time to surrender to this call,
take my place, announce my name and speak my truth." 



Return to the Sacred Temple: Priestess Retreat
8-12 March 2017
Bafa Lake, Turkey

The first Priestess Retreat in Women are Medicine lineage in Turkey took place near a full moon in March 2017 on the shores of Bafa Lake, once the cost of the holy Aegean Sea. 11 women gathered at the gates of the Temple and stepped in. The process was facilitated by me and Rah Busby, a South African womb priestess. 

This is our collective song at the end of the retreat, honoring our lives and Great Mother, honoring our commitment to walking our path as priestesses. Our heartfelt gift to the World.

The Temple is open, may the fire burn on...