Rewilding is to get in touch with my emotions deep inside and find pathways for them to be embodied (to come home) and to be expressed truthfully in the world. Rewilding is to occupy my body with no hesitation, including the pain, the numbness, the stiffness, the pleasure, the fluidity, the erotic, the banished and rejected.

Rewilding is coming into the body uninhibited and cultivating an honest relationship for life, as a gateway to find my way back to the Earth, back to humility, back to the fertile soil of not-knowing, lending my forehead back to the miracle I came from.

Rewilding is responding to the call of the Wild One, the Wise One within, the dangerous old Soul, knowing that I may get into “trouble” and disrupt “business as usual”, that I may have to cross deserts and climb mountains if I obey her call.

Rewilding is the courage to descend into the good old wound, to go out into the dark night of the Soul, taking off my old clothes, shedding everything and everyone that kept me safe but small all this time, knowing that my life as I’ve known it is over.

Rewilding is to grow my roots and branches in the most unfavorable and dysfunctional conditions, soils, seasons, establishments, cultures, relationships, geographies and ecosystems, reaching out for water and sunshine, sometimes crossing inestimable distances for divine nectar.

Rewilding is seeking the elements in every day life diligently: be blessed by the holy smoke and smell of the fire, offer gratitude to the waters, bow to the holy ground and honor the heart of me with every breath.

Rewilding is to go down into the mud of my grief, allowing to be brought on my knees for the love of everything I lost and am destined to loose, so that my heart can continue loving fiercely.

Rewilding is the gratifying swing of my voluptuous hips, sensual and daring, and letting the life force paint this world with beauty and joy.

Rewilding is to remember the timeless song in my heart by listening deeply and often, by tending my quiet solitude in a chaotic world, and opening my throat – no matter how difficult it is – to gift my song to the lullaby of the earth.

Rewilding is unlearning what the establishment of control taught me about myself and this world: owning my authority that I am absolutely free to make my own meaning and my narrative of the world, allowing inspiration to move me.

Rewilding is to trust my intuition and inner-guidance and to make my faith in mystery the bedrock of my life to find my direction in service of Life.
“It’s to give myself to It” with total abandon.