self-care in times of chaos

Why is 'Self Love' and 'Self Care' so important at this time for humanity?'

When the sun illuminates the hills across my house every morning,
that pink shade of liquid gold paints my view
as I open my eyes before I am fully land in my perceived reality,
I just rest there, in that perfect moment,
in the magnificence of Creation.
Remembering myself as part of this omnipresent dance…

If I love the World, this life, wholeheartedly, fully, boldly,
with unequivocal commitment, with no hesitation, no holding back, 
if I remain - unconditionally - in love, awestruck, innocent and faithful,
the Creation surely will find a way to love me back, 
and it already does, with fragrant flowers, lush waters, 
birdsong and pomegranates, the face and voice of the Beloved, 
everyday mysteries and sunrise and coffee,

as much as I receive, as much as I can, as much as I allow,
the Beloved loves me in thousand ways. 


The world is spinning faster it seems and feels, it's like the walls that make up the physical world are melting everywhere I turn. Multitude of realities starting to show up behind veils of illusion we have been dwelling in as the familiar walls, structures, even natural-laws of the world I've been born into seem to be crumbling at an overwhelmingly fast pace. Nothing makes sense anymore. 

I repeat to myself,
I am at Home no matter what…
I stay with myself no matter what…

Self care and self love are so important at this time because it grounds me in the simplicities of my daily, human-needs and the beauty surrounding me, it connects and weaves me with life and the invisible from a place of trust and faith as the world we have known dies before our very eyes. Self love allows me to be a good host to myriads of emotions and experiences that rise from being a witness to a major shift of times and keeps me a sane, conscious participant at this sharp evolutionary edge of the Earth and humankind.
Self care enables me to be with what is, to transmute challenges into gold of learning and healing, and to keep offering my gifts in service of Life.

And finally this is how I show up in the world and how I relate to the world. This wild, courageous, bold, woman that I am – whom I love – is learning to stand her ground and to take her seat, comfortable in her power and guidance, willing and courageous, inspired and moved by love. And this is the best way I know to serve. This is a labor of love.

Here are some self loving, self caring actions I implement in my daily life

-       morning practice: meditation and prayer to connect with my heart & soul, to listen deeper within and find my gratitude. vital, generative, grounding. Care for my body - to awaken, unwind and create space, softness and opening within. 

-       poetry: poetry keeps me connected to my soul and the mystery we live in. I activate my wisdom and imagination by reading at least one soulful poem a day.

-       creative expression: whether it’s singing, or writing or moving or painting, I give time and space to express what I am experiencing/feeling/sensing.

-       ritual: I integrate rituals both in my daily life and in my work with women. Rituals deepen relationships with each other, with Life and the Sacred and support me in meaning-making out of ordinary or insane. 

-       time in nature and in solitude: Mother Earth is my source of joy, inspiration and wellbeing. I take the time to be in solitude in nature, listen and observe, and receive guidance.

-       taking care of my home temple and altar: my living space is a reflection of my self-care and self-respect. My home is my sanctuary, so I keep it clean, spacious, smudged and the way it pleases my soul, where I feel safe, relaxed, and held. I pray at my altar regularly and keep the fire alive.