When I hear a woman say
"I have full authority over my life, 
I am fully responsible for my needs, choices and decisions in life,
I wholeheartedly embrace what life brings me and I learn from the consequences of my choices and decisions", I take a deep breath and feel an immense space open up inside my chest. 

For millennia we waited to be seen, acknowledged, approved, given permission to, liberated by our mothers, fathers, lovers, teachers, law, religious authority, and God. 
To be a sovereign being, one is not handed her authority and power by another; one realizes that the power and authority lie within and need to be reclaimed and owned fully, with the responsibility it entails. 

The responsibility is simply to be in tune and mindful of "who I am, what I am experiencing and feeling, what I need, what I want, what my boundaries are" - basically my truth in any given moment - and to express that, to communicate that with the world around me clearly and transparently: ask what I need, make an invitation, be truthful in my YES and NO, make my boundary clear and visible, give myself permission to be vulnerable. 


How would a woman's life change when she honors her truth and takes responsibility for her needs and fulfillment in life?

If she gives herself permission to love and express what she loves, 
to go for what she desires and give voice to her wishes, 
to speak her truth no matter how hard or uncomfortable it is and may disrupt the status quo, 
to dare to show her true Self in her essence - raw, vulnerable, powerful, shameless, raging, sexual, lustful, quiet, shy,
to set her boundaries and to speak her NO clearly, 
to take responsibility for whatever is going on in her life and her agency to respond with self-care,
to accept, own and embody her sexual being,
this is the greatest revolution a woman can bring forth to her life and to this world. 
This is the path to peace. 

Anything less than that becomes stagnation, resentment, expectations, unfulfilled desires, unmet needs, judgment, blame, jealousy, competition, manipulation, victimhood, addiction, numbness, depression, criticism, self-sacrifice, burn out, seeking and exercising power in destructive ways, violence and war. 
Sounds dramatic? 
Where does the violence and war in our world come from? 
I long surrendered the narrow view of "the evil people" causing harm elsewhere and turned my gaze within to inspect all the subtle and not-so-subtle ways I contribute to what I do not "approve" in the world, and found many golden threads. 

Often we are most vulnerable in our sexuality and the easiest way of suppressing and disempowering a human being is to suppress their sexuality. When the most natural and strongest impulse in a human being is suppressed, when the pathway to Soul and authentic spiritual connection to the Source is blocked violently, and sacred life force diminished to fear and shame, especially in cultures where community, elders and rite of passages are absent, we get ourselves a very confused, immature and violent human population. 

The way to overcome this deep trauma in collective human psyche and body is not to blame one another, not to rage more wars over who is right or wrong, not to control human body and sexuality further. 

I am walking a path of wholeness - holy, healing, coming home - with my fellow sisters and brothers, of truth speaking, courageously looking at shadows and bringing them to light, going through the pain and grief of the loss and wounding of such essential aspect of being human, processing shame and fear and rage without blame, celebrating the beauty and sacredness of sexual life force that can serve us mend our ways on Earth and co-create a thriving, life-centric, soul-centric human culture again on this planet. 

I am committed to unlearning and deconditioning myself from the myths and belief systems that do not serve the current reality, to becoming a sovereign being and claiming full responsibility and authority for my life, to reclaiming my sexual power as a woman connected with a compassionate heart and to continuing walking this path in service of life. 

This is not a path to walk alone, thus I keep inviting us to meet eye to eye, in solidarity, building trust so that we can respond to life's grand calling as a human tribe.