Tamera calling!

"My work is loving the World"

It's 2017.
Since 2002, when I awoke to my Soul calling and life purpose, I have been actively dreaming, being, making and living a brave new world into action and creation. This process of remembrance has been activated when I sat in a circle for the first time on my 27th birthday, experiencing a profound sense of Homecoming. Ever since, with the guidance and support of my Soul and Creator and my elders and my global tribe, I've been on this beautiful journey of exploring my gifts and finding ways to offer these gifts to the World I love so much. 

"Whatever the Problem, Community is the Answer"

While I was trying to make sense and meaning of the World I was born into, in my own exploration and research, I came to understand that the Earth and humans are in a  transition period, and I feel in my bones that it is this transition I am here to serve. In the core of this transition for me lies the calling to remember our inevitable place and belonging in the web of Creation, healing the wound of separation and coming Home to wholeness and circle of Life.
All my work has been inspired and shaped to serve this, and I am utterly grateful for walking this path of service with my fellow visionary sisters and brothers from our global tribe. 

Most of the ailments I see emanating from the wound of separation get chronic with dire outcomes due to the absence of community with its elders, rituals, stories, songs, dances and circles. I have devoted my life to the return and remembrance of new ancient soulcentric patterns & practices of humanity, to village making, to becoming an elder for the next generations, to finding new pathways for humanity to live magical and mytho-poetic lives in conversation with more than human world and Great Mystery. 

It is especially now that I feel committed to stepping into healing and service of love, men and women, as foundation of peaceful community and world. And here, Tamera comes into the picture...

TAMERA and "Terra Nova" 

"Tamera is a School and Research Station for Realistic Utopia. The project was founded in Germany in 1978. In 1995 it moved to Portugal. Today 170 people live and work on a land of 330 acres.

The founding thought was to develop a non-violent life model for cooperation between human being, animal and nature. Soon it became clear that the healing of love and of human community had to be placed at the center of this work. Sexuality, love and partnership need to be freed from lying and fear, for there can be no peace on Earth as long as there is war in love. The ecological and technological research of Tamera includes the implementation of a retention landscape for the healing of water and nature, as well as a model for regional autonomy in energy and food. 

The Healing Biotope I Tamera is a peace research project with the goal to create the model for a future society that is free from hatred, lies, violence and fear. Terra Nova is the vision of a new Earth. It contains the image of a post-patriarchal civilization free of violence and war."

In 2013 Summer, following the tumultuous socio-political uprising in Turkey, I found myself at Tamera Summer University. Coming from a soul-shaking, inspiring but violent time in my homeland, it was quite striking to be part of peace research community for 10 days. I could feel everywhere the commitment, the care and the work that went into this genuine and unique research, project and community. Here was a community, researching and practicing and crafting the World I have been sensing and envisioning. 

This year I have been invited back to Tamera for a 3-month study program that will involve daily study time as a group, taking part in daily communal tasks, experiential learning by being immersed in community life. During this time I will also have the chance to participate in Global Love School. 

The Global Love School, founded by Sabine Lichtenfels, co-facilitated by Benjamin von Mendelssohn, is a place for deep sharing and learning of teachers, peace workers and activists about the areas love, sexuality, partnership and ethical guidelines. 

I also look forward to learning and remembering under the guidance of Sabine Lichtenfels who is the embodiment of feminine wisdom and the co-founder of Tamera.  

What do I need?

From beginning of April 2017, I will be at Tamera for about three months and I will financially contribute to the community in exchange of my stay and learning experience.  

My contribution:
Accommodation/food - 20 Euro/day x 75 days = 1500 Euro
Participation in Global Love School = 840 Euro
In total, I need to raise 2340 Euro which is approximately $2500 with your generosity.

Here is my crowdfunding campaign: 

I need your support because the money I generate from my work in Turkey covers my living expenses and another course I will attend this Spring with Stephen Jenkinson in UK. Since I will also not be able to work to generate money while I am at Tamera for three months, I am asking my global community to help me honor Tamera's vision and gifts with this monetary gift. 


We are creating the more beautiful world our hearts know is possible, together! Please support me continue learning and amplifying the healing and transformation of our beautiful world. It doesn't matter how much you give, I shall receive your gift with humility and gratitude. 

I give THANKS to Life and everyone who have been supporting me on this path in this life time...

"Wherever Filiz goes, she creates community, or more precisely it springs up around her. She lives ‘from the gift’, meaning she shares her wisdom, her energy and her talents freely and by the alchemy of sharing finds places to lay her head, break bread and create her sacred spaces of learning, healing, and celebration. Just seeing her smiling photos each day, posted from some new waystation, is healing in its assurance that there is still a warm and welcoming world out there and Filiz has found a way to navigate it. Breaking open the seeds of despair and longing deep in the heart so that something new and tender can grow seems to be a theme in Filiz’s healing circles and her work. I have never met Filiz Telek. We will meet one day; and there is something I’d like to tell her, although she has probably heard it many times. She makes life better – for all of us. Filiz and others like her who are authentically living the values of the ‘new and ancient story’, (as Charles Eisenstein calls it), embody the emerging global transformation. It is a growing tribe, or a sensed federation of many small tribes who believe the new story we seek is not ‘out there’ somewhere. It is here in our hearts and bones and dreams.
So Filiz, on behalf of all the hearts you have coaxed open, the bones you have rattled, and the Dream of the Earth you serve, welcome home Daughter of the World."

Rhonda Fabian, excerpt from Kosmos Journal

"If you are following your calling to serve life, I'll take you on my wings and help you spread your seeds..."

Please consider gifting to my campaign: https://www.generosity.com/fundraisers/tamera-diaries