the great woman is alive

The Great Woman is alive!

I meet her in flesh and blood finally. She’s tall, dark skinned, blond, with curly hair, big hips, slim legs, a belly full of laughter, big breasts, shining eyes, soft voice, tender hands, strong legs; speaks in many languages, moves gracefully, stomps her feet, cries generously, roars her pain, prays fiercely, rests in silence.

She shows up in her truth and vulnerability and she is absolutely beautiful.

The Great Woman embodied, it’s us - all of us and more than the sum of us - the women who sit in circles and bow to the center and say yes to Life/Death/Life cycles.
It is us, sisters, daughters of pachamama, coming Home to ourselves, each other and the Earth.

The Great Woman is not some mythical, archetypal entity; She’s flesh and blood and bone, breathing, walking, wailing, sweating, making love, laughing, crawling, trembling, REWILDING.

She shows up every time we sit in our fullness, authentic feminine power, humility and vulnerability, in our truth, shedding away layers and masks of conditioning.

"We give ourselves to it",
to this one Life, one Heart, one Tribe, one Creation.

I know Her now intimately.

She’s reclaiming Her voice and singing us ALIVE…

I fall in love every time I meet Her, I lay myself on her lap, and allow myself to BE in my immaculate, imperfect beauty.

Thank you mama, thank you sisters, thank you my Soul…

Women are Medicine Rewilding
1-5 June 2016, Aegean/Southern Anatolia

Photos by Filiz Telek, Canay Atalay, Deniz Kurt, Umit Kilinc, Kate T. Parker