the power of One is upon us


Moving in deep time...

What happened, and what is happening in your life is your specific recipe for Life, your particular invitation to wake up and come Home, your unique path through the magical terrain, your peculiar way of serving your community and Life.

There’s so much we know, and there’s so much we don’t know and we can’t know.
A human life is profoundly complex and of great mystery. At the same time there is a very simple movement of
slowing down,
coming to stillness (this is also possible within movement),

With childlike innocence and curiosity,
I dwell in the arms of mystery,
and in one moment infinite possibilities flower
in my not-knowing I wonder
what move I will be making with the beloved next.

So, welcome back, take back, receive back the light today
but do not condemn the darkness
for it is the holy womb
where your light will be tended
like the immaculate child.

The power of One is upon us.