the temple

When war, violence and fear claim our sanity, our water, our basic human rights, our children, our voices, our bodies, and our future, when normalcy shape shift faster than we can take our next deep breath,
when resisting, fighting and strategizing do not even save the day any longer, what happens?

Something is happening - something that is destined to happen, something we feared would happen, something we longed would happen - beyond our will and capacity to plan. 

One would think that disaster after disaster, both natural and human made, as the collapse intensifies (and I imagine this is only the beginning), we'd loose heart and faith and certainly there are moments of despair yet most people I know from all over the world seem to have found some new kind of clarity and commitment in the face of recent events. In the midst of such not-knowing, there seems to be something we all know, sense deep in our tummies:

The dress rehearsal is over.

What does that mean?

"We are made for these times. We are here to meet this curve of evolution. We are ready."
I hear from my global network. From this illuminated web and the vast ocean of ebb and flow I am witnessing an activation and alignment of body, mind and soul, a straightening of the collective spine, a saying YES and willingness to cross our own boundaries of separation to far more scary places within and outside. I hear this like a collective hum, a song emerging from the depths of the Earth through our voices; a common prayer rising from the unified field of our collective memory and Life longing to find its most beautiful, creative and wholesome expression. 

I remember the 11th Hour prophecy in awe of its accuracy and that we are in that fast flowing river now.
I know I am the soup of a caterpillar in the cocoon, feeling the inevitable movement of my butterfly wings unfolding slowly. 

I hear the bells of the sacred Temple that is this body, this Earth, this Life! 
The temple is a blueprint etched into our DNA, waiting patiently for the right time and circumstances to reinstitute itself into our consciousness and reality once again. 
I know that I have guarded and served the holy Temple for life times, keeping the flame of Creation alive and now, once again, the gates of the Temple are opening and it's time to surrender to this call, take my place, announce my name and speak my truth. 
The temple is Standing Rock as people gather to pray to protect the water, reminding us the power of prayer, showing us the way of sacred activism.
The temple is the peace march of Israeli and Palestinian women, mothers as they walk and sing and dance and pray for the next generations.
The temple is Treesisters network as women globally commit to reforesting the Earth to meet the enormous challenge of climate change. 
The temple is a mother's heart who makes the conscious choice of not passing the motherwound on to her daughter.
The temple is a men's circle as the brotherhood allows the men claim and mourn the shame and the pain patriarchy inflicted upon them. 
The temple is the embrace of a man and a woman in sweet surrender, doing the best they can to remain in their truth, vulnerability and love, healing the wound of separation.

I am curiously witnessing, allowing and becoming simultaneously that which I came to be/live/do. 
And I am fascinated. Sometimes I am shitless scared of what's about to happen. Other times I am on my knees, listening and receiving Life as it wants to happen Now.  

I am not "making this happen". This is the evolutionary pull to which we can all surrender, particularly those of us with certain privileges; to be in that river and trust it has a destination.
The power and courage of presence are being activated despite ourselves, fears and doubts. 

"Here - in the great questioning and not knowing - here - in the pause between two worlds - here - as our eyes sting and our hearts clench for all that we love - we stand, arm in arm, bowed in gratitude for what becomes possible, when the light of life breaks through the darkness to illuminate our true selves - and we step forward together united, in service to the one who birthed us all."

Clare Dubois, Founder of Treesisters

Talking to my beloved elder Debra Roberts about the state of the world and sensing into the newness emerging, I ask her:
"So, who are you gonna be Debraji?"
"I will be present" she says. 
What more to say...I am with Her.

I am with the Temple.
I am ready for re-structuring, re-patterning, re-birthing into this new world, new cycle, new Life. 
I am ready to receive my crown. I am ready to confess my greatness. 

"Confess your Greatness"
Barbara Marx Hubbard

What is one story or belief that you would have to give up in order to be/live/do that you have already said YES to?
Who are you called to be at this time of tectonic shifts as we reimagine ourselves and the World?
What is the gift you are here to receive and give?

"What do you do when it feels like the sky is falling? When we're about to turn full throttle towards a future that finally wipes away any illusion of safety, sanity, climate stability or food security…

You rise.

You feel into the heart break and you let it burn.

You feel that burn, and you let its flames throw you up against the walls of your fear, and then you let it blaze through them.

You cry, you roar, you bellow - you let it rip through and unclog your brilliance.

You beg to be unleashed, and you mastermind your own unleashing.

You let your Soul take over - you allow the dismantling of your conditioned collusion with the world views that manage and minimize your magnificence.

You REFUSE to follow the crowd - unless that crowd are screamingly alive and activated on behalf of the life that lives us.

You find every gaze that meets you with -  'I know - I'm awake - I'm here - and I'm ready' and you say YES.

You demand only your deepest authenticity - the kind that electrifies, illuminates, lays waste to pretense, walks permission, cries loudly, renders shame irrelevant - chooses total, naked truth.

You recognize with every cell of your being that we are being called out of apathy and slumber - to remember and rediscover who and what we really are - living breathing elements of this Earth, fully woven into an intelligence that has evolved for billions of years - with access to that intelligence - with limitless potency if ONLY we would turn inside and reconnect...

You say yes to the gauntlet laid down

You prepare to astonish yourself

And then you Rise

And then you Rise

And then you Rise

And then we Rise."

Clare Dubois, Founder of Treesisters