unabashedly erotic

I have been profoundly seduced by the spring...

First, it was the warm breeze that arrived from South and tickled my skin in early days of spring, and it was the smell of the Earth that accompanied this heat...

Then, it was the nightingales; the past weeks they've been singing their heart out, offering their poetic nocturnal songs to their beloveds. 

Today it is the luscious, sensuous pomegranate flowers, suddenly there in front of my window. I gasped with thrill when I spotted them while I was working, hesitated for a second and then grabbed my camera and ran out.  

I think/sense about "rewilding" a lot lately...it is the theme I chose for myself for 2016 and invited it into my life through this poem.

Not only that, as I usually do, I also carried this personal inquiry to a collective level and invited "Women are Medicine REWILDING" gathering/retreat in Southern Turkey, June 1-5, 2016, to invoke, breathe in, dance and sing, and embody the rewilding energy in a field of women. 

There are different gates for me to experience rewilding and being in relationship with more-than-human-world is definitely one of these alluring portals. 

When I encounter natural beauty – through color, form, smell, sound – my senses are invited to come alive and as my senses come alive, I inhabit my body in the present moment. This luminous encounter with more-than-human-world activates in me a vast imagination of indigenous wisdom and erotic/emotional intelligence and immediately brings me into intimate relationship with the World, cultivating a profound sense of belonging. I re-member my own timeless union with all Creation – I am all that Beauty that I see, hear, feel, taste, touch – and my essential, erotic, creative nature that is also able to blossom, sing, move, flourish, beguile, grow, give fruit. In that relationship, I come alive; in that relationship I get to rewild myself.

As this relationship deepens, with Self and erotic, wild nature of life, every moment becomes an invitation to make love to the World. This juicy, regenerative, essential aspect of Self has been locked away for so so long that I feel a slight intimidation and clumsiness in re-embodying this erotic feminine expression. It holds such tremendous power that this process requires a strong container of community to be witnessed and held in. Simultaneously the grief around the loss of this essential relationship for generations in tamed, dominated, shame-inflicted culture surfaces like a waterfall. 

Grief, our apprenticeship to sorrow, is a core aspect of rewilding work. There's no way around it. It is an essential, inevitable inner-chamber of the journey as we re-member and re-weave our selves with each other, Earth and Life. Unless we acknowledge and honor what has been lost - essentially this indigenous, wild, erotic self who has been in sacred relationship with all of Life - and therefore all the suffering that has been inflicted on the web of life, we are paralyzed with fear, sorrow, shame and rage, numbed by a multitude of addictions. 

And that is the call to prayer, that is the call to community. 
I will continue being the voice of this invitation.


I would like to acknowledge and honor the indigenous peoples all around the world who have been able to preserve this quality of relationship as well as so many people and communities out there working hard - emotionally, spiritually, mentally - to reclaim their wild nature and rewild their lives in wholesome relationship with all of life.
Gratitude and aho to all of them...mitakuye oyasin.