what about Him?

When I first read this poem, it hit me somewhere between my chest and my stomach, forcing me to swallow my unexpected tears. I felt a stinging pain in my heart and finally allowed my tears to fall freely, like the old woman in the poem. 

Women suffered a great deal under patriarchy, and the feminine ignored and dishonored. It seemed and still seems like women were/are often the "victims" of the men who are the "perpetuators" in this drama.

I am not so sure anymore. Over the years I am coming to understand this:
Like in the poem, the profoundly wounded, damaged one is the masculine in our psyches whether we are men or women. He's been corrupted, abused, tortured, disabled and terribly undone by patriarchy. 

"Men and women who have worked hard to find a strong feminine standpoint in Being are now working hard to release a masculinity strong enough to partner the evolving virgin consciousness."
Marion Woodman

I am a woman in search of a whole and conscious human experience. Over the years, I have been steadily building a relationship with myself and the world and while doing this I had to dig deep to find and nurture my feminine roots. The presence of the feminine archetype has been guiding me in being intimate with the expression of the feminine energy inside myself and through me in the world and my work with the women. 

There comes a point in human psyche and development though, whether a man or a woman or however one identifies themselves gender-wise, of deep hunger and thirst and longing for the unification of polar energies and qualities running through our lives. 


What we see and often misjudge as "masculine" in the world is merely a faint, if not a very poor and wounded expression of the full and healthy form of this energy/archetype. With the ignorance, cliches and judgments, the masculine has been slain with utter abhor by both men and women unconsciously, this resulting in more violence and destruction in the world. What we don't own, owns us! The shadow of the wounded masculine has long been running the old and ugly drama called patriarchy. 

Now I realize that I have been projecting this deep longing for the healthy and mature masculine in the world on to the men: my father, my friends, my lovers, my teachers. But I have to remember this: As the men are not fully and wholly responsible for the wounded masculine and its destruction in the world, they are also not solely responsible of embodying the healthy and mature masculine alone. 

To awaken "it"
one must
go to the
of Soul
and live
in alignment
Cosmic Dance

My personal resolution is that, as I cannot expect only the men to heal the wounded masculine, I cannot also demand that the men embody the healthy, mature masculine on their own. As a woman, I have personal work to do to reclaim an inner King - the mature and responsible masculine in service of life - and as a human collective we have work to do together to call back this magnificent energy back to its power.

My sense is that we can only do this together in each other's company with heart and soul.

Sometimes in women circles and men circles separately, sometimes side by side but always joined with this shared intention of coming Home in Wholeness with one another and tapping into the generative and creative alchemical force of feminine and masculine dance. 

Individually, as men and women, we can be vessels of collective healing and awakening as faithful seekers and practitioners of this sacred Life dance, committed to wholeness and union. 
And for this we need each other's compassionate gaze and witnessing presence.