when women blossom

A woman is not free unless her body is free, accompanied by a free mind and guided by her Soul. Unless the body is free to move, to shake, to receive, to thrust, to relax, to feel, to pleasure, to open, to say "no", to learn, to play, to fly, to go slow, to fall on her knees and pray, to make love, then a woman might wonder where her anchor is on this earthly plane.

And even though it is a global, political issue, the place of permission and liberation of Eros is rooted deeply within a woman and the real work is to meet and transmute the inner oppressor that we women internalized and free ourselves from fear and shame accumulated for thousands of year .

This requires courageous inner work, building trust and solidarity among women again, reclaiming projections and power given away to men, learning to accept and love our bodies in their imperfection and carnal divinity, and honor ourselves as erotic beings.

Once the body is freed up from inner oppression and given permission to experience pleasure, the power and wisdom accessed would not only heal the woman but everything around her.

Would it be too much to claim that the path to peace begins in a woman's body? I think not and this is why we invite you to this journey into eros, ecstasy and feminine power with us...

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When Women Blossom: a Women are Medicine Journey into Eros, Ecstasy and Feminine Power with Filiz Telek & Ruby May.
August 31 - September 3, 2017
Fethiye, Turkey

Photography by Katrin Kohlbecher