sometimes we tell each other things that sound wise and sweet but they almost feel violent, in a subtle way...such as:

- you must love yourself
- be patient
- you need to trust more
- accept yourself
- let it go

one is at where one is. no more, no less in any given moment.
by imposing an expectation of a certain quality or state on another, one only perpetuates the inner-friction further. 

what's needed is a moment of witnessing of the other and Self simultaneously. Often the good advise rises from the inner state of friction and intolerance of the witness or from taking things personally. 

what if we each could own where we are at and be honest with that, rather than telling each other how to be or what to do. 

setting ourselves and each other free by reclaiming our sweet truth.

(body wisdom whispering during an ecstatic dance session)